Someone there says : …”Patience is the companion of wisdom.”… ~ By Saint Augustine 

Patience is filled with ease, peace, and grace. As we touch into its essence we instantly relax; a deep breath ensues and we know that everything is in divine order. When we embody a state of impatience we feel rushed, hurried and stressed. There’s an urgency to do or complete something and if anything interferes, a wave of anger arises engulfing anyone in its path.

We can’t try to be patient as ‘trying’ only reinforces impatience. We can hold our breath, tap our toes and count to ten while waiting for someone to do things our way or for a situation to resolve itself, but this is a forced form of patience; one that only disguises our inner wrath temporarily. To truly become patient, we have to move into an inner state of patience.

“But how do I do this and still get everything done in the way I want it,” asks the ego mind (impatiently). The paradox is that when we slow down and sink into a relaxed state of patience, things move quicker and easier. Impatience is a form of resistance which blocks our energy and locks us into our ego mind. Patience allows energy to flow and supports us to access our intuition and higher knowing. From this place, obstacles diminish and the way of least resistance is revealed.

Insights into Patience

♦ What areas of your life is it easy to be patient? What situations, circumstances and people do you naturally treat with ease and non-resistance? How does this feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

♦ What areas of your life do you often become impatient? Are you more impatient with yourself or others? What situations, circumstances and people trigger your frustration, irritation, and controlling behavior? How does this affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

♦ What supports you to be truly patient? Does compassion, humor, or taking a break to meditate or spend time in nature support you? How often do you use these helpful tools?

Inspiration into Patience

♦ Focus on the benefits of being patient. Have the word or a symbol or picture (such as a still serene lake) nearby to remind you daily. When you find yourself being impatient, let the word or image bring you back to center.

♦ The next time you notice your impatience, ask who’s in charge. Is it your intellect, ego or inner taskmaster or critic? Have you locked your higher self into the closet? Ask this impatient part of you what it really wants. Then ask your mind and body what they each want. From there, place a hand over your heart and ask what it wants.

♦ Touch into the essence of patience right now. Take a moment to close your eyes and tune into this peaceful, relaxed sate of being. Shift your energy by allowing your whole body to match this easy vibration. Let it flow down into the cells. Take this with you throughout your day.

What does patience feel like to you and what support you to be more patient? Please share your insights in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to Patience

  1. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Yumiyulanda,

    I just discovered two of my articles on your site – I’m always honored when people want to reprint my articles and I so appreciate you keeping my links intact within the article. With the article on Letting Go you credited it to my site at the end, but with this article on Patience that was left out – would you mind doing the same with it – and perhaps adding my name, Gini Grey, before the URL link to my site.

    With Gratitude,


    • yumiyulanda says:

      Hellow Gini…

      Thanks a lot in advance to see my blog Gini..

      OK Gini,,,will do ..

      • Gini Grey says:

        Hello Yumiyulanda,

        I still don’t see my name with a link to my article/website at the end of this article or the one on simplicity – I think it’s important when using other’s articles to give them visible credit, so when you get a chance – thanks.

  2. yumiyulanda says:

    Ya Gini, so sorry…i just opened my blog…ok will editing …:D…thanks in advance

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