“Simplicity is the glory of expression.” Walt Whitman
Life is meant to be simple, easy and enjoyable, not complicated, difficult and frustrating. Simplicity is a state of being; it feels peaceful, yet alert; still, yet flowing. It’s where yin meets yang; where the nurturing, creative, feminine aspect merges with the active, manifesting, masculine energy. Being in a state of simplicity is being in the ultimate balance of one’s true nature.

When we embody a state of simplicity and bring it to all of our activities and encounters, productivity increases effortlessly, relationships flow with ease, communications unfold with clarity, and our lives become an expression of our heart and soul’s passion.

Life becomes complex and overwhelming when we let our busy mind run the show analyzing every detail, rehashing and rehearsing every conversation, planning every future event. And if we let our ego take control, status and image become more important than authenticity, driving us to do more and more until our schedules are maxed out and our bodies are exhausted. Then we fall into a constant craving to accumulate more stuff until our homes are cluttered with every imaginable fixture and gadget. There is absolutely no room for simplicity here.

Simplifying our lives by doing less, owning less and thinking less is one way to bring back ease and balance. The other way is to relax into a state of ease, move at our natural rhythm, respond instead of react, and live in the present moment. From this simple state of being, we follow the natural seasons and cycles of life, and we trust that we are fine just as we are – no need for all the extra bells and whistles.

Insights into Living Simply

♦ What areas of your life are simple and easy? Reflect over relationships, work, family, home, finances, health etc. What supports this simplicity?

♦ What areas of your life are more complicated? What is it about each of these areas that make it complicated?

♦ What would you have to let go of to live more simply? What would you have to embrace?

Inspirations to Simplify Your Life

♦ Make a commitment to de-clutter one area of your home or office this week. Do another area next week until your whole working and living space feels lighter and simpler.

♦ Choose a complicated area of your life – it may be a relationship, finances or health issue and brainstorm ways to simplify it. Perhaps accepting another’s behavior is the simplest thing to do, or creating a realistic budget to follow, or taking care of yourself physically with regular exercise and rest. Sometimes the smallest actions net the biggest results.

♦ Take a few minutes each day to embody the state of simplicity. Being with nature is one way to move into this state: watching leaves on a tree blow gently in the wind, listening to water swirl over rocks in a stream, following clouds as they float by. Another way is to close your eyes, let go of all thoughts and activities, and notice the natural rhythm of your breathing – follow it in and out until you feel your whole body relax into a simple state of being. Open your eyes and take this state with you.

What are some of the simple things in life you enjoy? Please share with me and other readers below in the comments section.

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