Exactly How To Set & Achieve Your Quran Goals This Ramadan…

Exactly How To Set & Achieve Your Quran Goals This Ramadan…

Get your Quran Journal out & brainstorm answers to each of these questions…

1. What can you learn from previous Ramadans’ mistakes that will help you succeed in future Ramadans?

Your past is not your future. Brainstorm 3-5 ways you can improve on your past efforts

2. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you ideally achieve with the Quran during an ideal Ramadan?

Recognise that you may not be ready to achieve this ideal target this Ramadan, and commit to improving yourself over the next year, so you can do it NEXT Ramadan, not this one.

3.a. Set up ideal & minimum time targets for each day of Ramadan.

Take a look at your calendar right now & mark off the dates of Ramadan. Now ask yourself…

a. When during the day is the best time for me to recite?

b. Will I have more time on weekends than weekdays?

c.  Which healthy weekly/daily commitments am I willing to cut out during Ramadan? Perhaps cutting out gym, or other healthy normal activities, like TV will create more time for Quran.

d. How much time will you ideally, comfortably have each day for the Quran? (eg. 1 – 2 hours)

e. And if you don’t make that ideal target, what will be the bear minimum you think you can comfortably do each day? (eg. 15-30 mins)

3.b. When Can I Use Passive Audio ‘NET’ Time (No-Extra-Time)?

I like to think of Ramadan as having 2 types of productive Quran time: passive audio listening time; versus sitting & studying the Quran time. The great thing about passive audio time is that it can be whilst you are doing something mundane that requires no conscious thought, such as taking the train or doing the laundry.

4. Where are you at right now in your Quran studies? Eg. Fluency, English, Memorization, etc.

Check out this this ‘Quran Progress Tracker’ tool that you can use to measure your progress before and after Ramadan…



(You don’t need to send me your personal information – just read the questions and make a note of the answers yourself in your Quran Journal).

5. Of all the areas of Quran study, which is the most important for you to improve on during this Ramadan to set yourself up for a great year with the Quran?

For some people, the best use of Ramadan may be to learn to understand the entire Quran in Arabic. That way, for the rest of the year, they can connect more deeply with the Quran.

For others it may be improving fluency of recitation, so that for the rest of the year they can read 2 pages each day in Arabic & English to feel that constant connection.

For others, the best use of this month may be to simply learn how to recite the Arabic script, so they can go on to achieve all their other Quran goals.

There are many more options than just these, and each individual has to decide for him/herself what is most important to improve this Ramadan.

6. Use these practical Quran strategies with the suggested time-frames, and decide which one suits your abilities, free time & goals.

The great news is, wherever you are in your Quran studies, you’re not alone!

In this article are some great resources students & Islamic organizations have recommended, that help you immediately achieve some of your Quran goals…


For loads more advice, tips & strategies for achieve all your Quran goals, visit www.quranforbusypeople.com and enjoy the free articles, live webinar invitations & videos.


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