Communicating Effectively with Others

Communicating effectively with others can transform relationships.

Have you ever felt like no one was really listening to you – or at least not hearing and understanding you? And at other times have you wondered what other people are babbling on about? At times it feels as though we need a decoding book to decipher what is really meant by what is being said. And this is only the tip of the frustration.

Communication mishaps can cause mistakes, arguments, broken relationships and even wars. You’d think with our advanced technology and evolving consciousness we’d be able to communicate clearly and easily. Perhaps we’re just too busy to take the time to listen, or too fearful to speak our truth. Yet, when we communicate effectively, we enhance our relationships.

Communication is a powerful tool which can bring people closer together or tear them apart. Words can be shared with kindness and care, neutrality and honesty, or they can be voiced with an emotional charge, a defensive tone, or a hostile attack. And words only play a small part – there is the tone, the speed, the eyes, the body language, and the energy behind the words that all form the process of interrelating.

The key that I’ve discovered to communicating clearly and cleanly is in looking at my intention. Am I trying to create discord, and if so, why? Am I trying to get something, and if so, what? Do I want to be right and prove them wrong? Or, do I want to understand them without my judgments interfering? Do I want to express how I really feel? And most importantly, am I willing to take responsibility for how I am interpreting and reacting to the other person?

We can use communication to build bridges or build walls – in every moment it’s our choice.

What’s Your Communication Style?

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