Not As Happy As You

Sometimes in life we feel so blue,

but someone somewhere is not happy as you.

Somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps,

missing his loved ones he silently weeps.

Somewhere a mother painfully sighs

’cause her new born baby didn’t open her eyes.

Somewhere a poor dad silently cries,

when he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice.

Somewhere in an orphanage a little girl is sad,

when she misses her mom & dad.

So at times a reason to smile you may not have any,

just say to yourself that you are happier than many.

‘Cause life is beautiful and it’s not always blue,

And someone somewhere is not as happy as you.

Feel your childhood

I want to go back to the time:

When “Innocence” was “Natural”,

When “Getting high” meant “On a swing”

When “Drinking” meant “Cola”

When “Dad” was the only “Hero”

When “Love” was “Mom’s hug”

When “Dad’s shoulder” was the “The highest place on earth”

When the only thing that could “Hurt” was “Bleeding knees”

When the only thing “Broken” was “Toys”

When “Goodbyes” only meant “Till tomorrow”

Life has changed a lot.

Isn’t it?

Sumit Rochlani


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